About Us

About crane-operator-certification.net, we provide crane operator certification and training Nationwide since 2008. Our mobile crane training programs meet the federal mobile crane requirements for mobile crane safety certification. Our training staff brings over 30 years of experience, we strive to deliver the highest standard of quality training. Trainers have field experience which creates positive training environments. We bring training to your site and customize the program to meet specific needs, saving you time and money. Our mobile crane training meets federal mobile crane requirements for mobile crane safety.

What do we do?
Crane Operator Certification
Qualified Rigger Training
Practical Exam Locations
Qualified Signal Person Training
Train The Trainer Instructor Courses
Online Training

Our Mission
To assist in administering the Crane Certification Process, Through setting written and practical Test sites throughout the Whole Continental United States. Our trainers are certified and accredited practical examiners, with 30 years of training and field experience. Our staff is dedicated to the operator, in obtaining their mobile crane operator certification. We are a People to People Business we are available 24/7.

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